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Here the casting calls for Dan Bronson and Hans Van Eeghen. Thanks to drizjr at the Unfiction forums.

[ DAN BRONSON ] Any ethnicity, must be 18 to 22, computer hacker, self-promoter. Smart, self-righteous with a forceful personality. Suspicious about what Global Octagon Recruiting is up to, and intends to hack their recruiting fair to expose the the truth and to bring himself a little on-line glory. This character is like the ultimate fan of "LOST."

[ HANS VAN EEGHEN ] Must have an accent - could be Dutch or Scandinavian, late 30s to early 60s. A smart, rigorous scientist, outspoken, determined with a sharp sense of the greater purpose to his life. He has struggled to bring back a respected scientific research group that had fallen into disrepute, and now is trying hard to staff it with the best possible people.

Source: Unfiction

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