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Thanks to Tammy one of our Blog Team members, who was lucky enough to get into the preview night at Comic Con and posted the first details and pictures over at the Comic Con Live page.

Don't forget to check the CC Live page AND the LOST Live Page here at DarkUFO for up to the minute news. More members of the team will be arriving tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get us some more details and images.

Enjoy and namaste.

Preview night at Comic-Con was a zoo. We got a late start, and had a hard time making our way to the Dharma booth because of the level of people. When we got there, there was quite a large crowd in front of the exhibit. The exhibit itself is metallic silver in color. There is a center "recruitment area" where two Dharma representatives are standing in front of a backlit Dharma logo. Above their head is a video screen, where you can see people being "interviewed". The interview booths are on either side of the recruiters. We made our way to the exhibit, and tried to take pictures, but most of them did not turn out, because people kept getting in our way. We tried to sign up for a session, but they told us they were booked, and that we had to come back Thursday at 9am to try again (we will try again for sure). We were also surprised, because we expected a larger site and display (the Heroes exhibit is huge compared to Lost), but it was well done nonetheless.

They also plugged the seminar (panel) that will be held on Saturday, and handed us a two sided flyer which I have tried to take a picture of. On one side, it says "Dharma Wants You" and plugs the website, on the other, are origami instructions to fold the flyer into a swan. We also saw a preview billboard for some Lego (?) Lost figurines. I will post pictures next - I apologize for the quailty, but I have not slept in 24 hrs and it was soooo busy there!

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