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Here are the basic steps to get started on the site. If you haven't taken the test at Comic Con then you'll need to take the test to register.

Comic-Con Attendees:

Very simple. Click the "Are you a Comic-Con recruit?" button and enter the number found on your Dharma Initiative ID card. You'll have the option to retake the test or simply login and register.

Everyone Else:

Click the "Are you a new recruit?" button and take the test (17 multiple choice questions). Once you have completed the test you will be able to register. At the very least you need a login name, email address and first name, but you can also include an avatar, cellphone number and mailing address. The site has options to receive updates via email and text messages as well.

What Next?

It seems users will be publicly ranked based on their test scores on the "Leader Board" which will display the top-10 ranking users. Each recruit can also track their results on their own "My Progress" page which sounds a lot like the one that existed during Find815. Both these sections of the site have yet to begin aggregating data.

Also, as a small side note, the login sound seems really familiar. Anyone recall if that was the one used during Find815?

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