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I've been getting a few emails from people asking how best to stay up to date with the OGR Arg. I thought I'd make a little post before things start getting hectic around here to keep you informed.

This is the fastest way to stay updated when we posted something as your twitter client will alert you as soon as we update. You can follow our Twitter posts here.

RSS Feeds
Each section of the DarkUFO site has it's own RSS Feed for new posts and the OGR section is no different. Simply click the Subscribe button in the right-hand sidebar or add this LINK to your favorite RSS Reader.

Comment Feed
You can subscribe to the comments feeds for the whole OGR section via this LINK.

Daily Email Digest
By filling out the form below you will be emailed a daily update of all the new posts since the previous email. Simple following this link - Subscribe to LOST - Octagon Global Recruiting by Email

Hope this helps and if you have any questions please fire away below.

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