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First of all a list of the eight names in there, in order.
Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Amalthea, Himalia, Elara, Leda.
All these happen to be moons of Jupiter, and all of them are characters from Greek Mythology. We know that names often mean something so we went on a research-frenzy. Together with KeepingPace I researched theses names in the mythology, and eventually we tried to link every name to a station.

The most obvious is probably Leda. In her story, Zeus disguises himself as a Swan.
Callisto was transformed into a bear. The bears were kept at the Hydra station. However, her son was a great hunter, and almost shot her because she was a bear. So she can also be linked to The Arrow.
Elara is most likely The Orchid, since her father was King Orchomenus, and Zeus hid her from his wife "by placing her deep beneath the earth."
Io was guarded by a giant with 100 eyes. This reminded us of The Pearl station. Also she can be linked to The Flame. She was turned into a cow. There was a cow outside The Flame. But more important, she met up with Prometheus, who gave man fire.
Ganymede is known as Aquarius, so we thought it'd be The Looking Glass.

So far we didn't find anything for the other 3 names yet, Europa, Himalia, Amalthea.

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