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As you all know the "leaked" email from Wed. finally began distributing late last night and has started to make its rounds into inboxs.

Click to View Screencap and Details of New Email

NOTE: Make sure you check you spam folders if you do not have it eyet. However, for the emails it seems like they are not all are going out at the same time, so don't worry if you do not get it at the same time as someone else.

Before today, the email was login/password protected and Thanks to Brewski007 to figuring out the login and password:

Login: Iamontheinside
Password: Banksclaw

The hidden message in the new email source code seems to poke fun at head of OGR Hans Van Eegan:

"Good luck my old friend Hans"

Now thanks to some more investigative work by Cyper80 and SportsBlogger for learning that there is ANOTHER email planned and requires a login and password.

The previous ones do not work.

Here is the link to the new email:


NOTE: The first email is numbered 808 and you can see the new link is numbered "809". Whether that means these are the release dates or just sequential numbers I am not sure.

If anyone figures out the login and password please feel free to post a comment or submit a scoop and we will get the site updated.


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