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Thanks to our resident Dharma hacker Draven for this report on what is going on with the site. It certainly looks like things are happening on the backend and hopefully soon we'll be able to see the extent of these changes on the site. Stay Tuned....

Don't know if it means anything but only 3 of the flash files are currently being loaded as opposed to the usual list.

The 3 being loaded are:


the rest of the files that are usually loaded are not. The site is working correctly however so this could indicate the other files have been taken out to upload new files.

As well as this the following file: http://www.dharmawantsyou.com/site/bin/Wife2_5.swf
Is coming through with partial content and the file: http://wdig.vo.llnwd.net/crossdomain.xml

Is showing as a bad request again.

None of this is affecting the site but it could be an indication that work is in progress.

Source: Draven@DarkUFO

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