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Update: 16:20 GMT Thanks to Tresbien for finding the following.

On a search for ab inconvenienti, Google turns up this book by Jeremy Bentham, An Introduction To The Principles Of Morals And Legislation.

Google Search

Over the last few days I've been getting strange emails from "Solvieg Hanso", at first I put this down to just some prankster but then I thought back to Find815 and our insider "OurMutualFriend" and how we did not think he was part of the game.

This is probably nothing to do with the ARG but a) Seeing as there is not much else going on currently with the ARG and b) Just in case it is I'll present you with the contents of both emails that I've received so far.

Email 1
Subject Title: Ab Aeterno, Aeterno Ab

Time is not only of the essence, it IS the essence. Time Emits Time. Hans old friend will have some tricks up his sleeves, rest assured. This is a message from long ago, you now have the benefit of reading it. Patience Is Bitter, Per Aspera Ad Astrum... When reaching for a better tomorrow, sometimes today seems difficult.


Email 2
Subject Title : 90 Degrees Southwest ab inconvenienti

3 days ago we all died.

Shouldn't we all be able to start over?

How can a white rabbit cloak a black swan?


(Attached to this email was the following image. Does it have any hidden stegs?)

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