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Update: 26th August Just to let you all know that I'm now up to 260 Dharma Points. Be interesting to see if this is enough to get on the Leaderboard. Feel free to email me you're address if you want to be recruited by me.

Looking at the leaderboard, which appears to be based on the number of recruits you sign up, I was wondering if appearing at the top would give you access to extra tests etc later in the ARG. So I was thinking if anyone wanted to take part in an experiment to see if we can get an Account to or near the top of the table by signing up to my DarkUFO account. This will enable us to provide you with details of any extra tasks/screens if any exist.

If you do please email me an email address that you have access to and have not currently used to sign up to the ARG. I'll then send you a challenge a friend request that you can use to register a 2nd account. Or you can simply leave your email in the comments below.

It will be interesting to see if any "extras" are available to highly placed recruits in the game.

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