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Update: J-freckles has now sent us the video :)

Update: 9th September J-freckles has sent us some more screenshots.

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Thanks to DarkUFO reader J-freckles for the following.

There is a third cheat for Test 3. When I start the test if type "DH?" After a few seconds the cicles fly off the screen. Then the clock stops and the site freaks out. I actually had to refresh the screen to even get back in. Now everytime I go back to test 3, after a few seconds the circles fly off the page and the clock continues to run until I move the Dharma logo to his the wall or I get to 100. Which ever occurs first. Here are the 2 screen caps I took. I tried to get one with the circles flying off the page but it happens randomly and quickly.

Source: J-freckles@DarkUFO

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