LOST Arg - Octagon Global Recruiting - DarkUFO

Update>> Also No.1 on the Board is DarkUFO reader BadNumber! Wow!
Update>> 2 More DarkUFO readers are also on the List. Myanmar 7th and Carl 10th. Congrats to you all.
Update>> Also our very own Lisa is on the Leaderboard as well!
Update>> Dark has 27430 points!! Rosalind has 10200 points

I was looking at the Leaderboard today and noticed that both our very own DarkUFO and Rosalind are in the Top 10. Way to go!

I have no idea how many points dark and Rosalind has so hopefully they will update and let us know. You can take Dark's test here to give him more points.

Rosalind's Tests
Harry Potter

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