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Update: 08:40 GMT Thanks to lost4evr for the transcript.

Nameste. My name is Hans Van Eeghan. Many of you will already know me. I am the Dharma Initiative's head of recruiting as well as the architect of the aptitude tests you have been undertaking in the last few weeks. Although we are not yet half way through the planned program, I am happy to report that the progress in the general colhort is, in my studied opinion, extremely encouraging. Indeed some of the results from the first two assessments have been nothing less then stunning. It is reassuring that recruits have managed to deliver such excellent results despite numerous attempts by the so called Black Swan to undermine the testing program. You are to be commended for your discipline. Keep up the good work and avoid contact with any insights distributed by this individual. I have reported your progress to my superiors and they are suitably encouraged. I look forward to your future efforts. Nameste.

Also here is a HQ version of the video.

All righty, it seems we finally have some new activity on the DWY site today. They added the 3rd test as well as a video, complete with what seems like hidden static messages, from hans. I will try to get the video file posted shortly. But for now get to work folks there's a new test to take! Also to get to the video click the center of the dharma logo where it says "Video Announcement".

As promised here is the video.

In the video, there appears to be some kind of static/interference that seems like another video interlaced with this one. The static appears from about 42-46 seconds in as well as about 55 seconds in. After playing with it a little I did notice a few numbers pop up in the static, 6 4 and 0, that i could make out. One other little note, the video's length is 1:08 surprise surprise!

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