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Update: 09:30 GMT Thanks to Cypher80b who has decompiled part of the flash for you to look at. Click here to see the code and his comments.

Update: 08:20 GMT Thanks to blandestk who has discovered the cheat/tip. Also thanks to Becky who as found the name of the Tip. It's called the "Conway Sequence".

Update: 08:00 GMT Thanks to Lost4Evr for the transcript of the video for those with no sound/video.

*UPDATED* I am in the group Aether. What other groups are out there? Links added below for Aether, Chaos and Chronos.

NOTE: All 3 are one of the 10 Greek Primordial Gods

Thanks also to Kristine who posted the same link in the comments.

*UPDATED* With screencap of white flashing dot.

The test is purely a numerical patterns test where you have to enter in the next number you think fits the sequence.

There is also a new video, which once again is from Hans Van Eeghan. He says that there are cheats that have been some how been put in the tests via the Black Swan, but that we should not use them in any way.

The key to the video is a little white flashing dot on the bottom right side of the video, which seems like it could be Morse code. If anyone can figure out what it says please let us know. Below is a new screencap.

Also here are links to the current groups as linked to Mythology again and seem like they are linked to the elements or space:

Aether - Mist/Upper Sky
Chaos - Dark Space
Chronos - Time
Oranos - Uranus, the "Father Sky".
Hemera - Goddess of the daytime
Nyx - Goddess of the night

Thanks to Alienware for the video.

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