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Thanks to lost4evr for the transcript for those who can't access the video.

Hey All,
Thanks to everyone for the heads up that Test 7 is up.

Test 7 is a video of Van Eeghan and has been confirmed as the Integrity Test which was a part of the whole testing procedure.

So if you cheated you failed the recruitment process.

The whole process was a setup by Van Eeghan and he has confirmed he is the Black Swan. He says that all of the data has been gathered and we will NOT find out the results until December 15th!?

I will admit I did use a cheat on a few of the tests to see if they worked and now have been grouped in the "Black Swan" group.

I don't know what to tell you all, but I am sure many of you are disappointed, but hopefully there will be more. If not I guess we will have to wait.

Thanks to EVERYONE that has visited this page and emailed us your findings over the last two months. We will continue to monitor the site and if any of you have more details please let us know.

- The ODI

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