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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Joshy for the following.

After looking around in on the DWY homepage, I found something.
The sourcecode of the main page (www.dharmawantsyou.com) had the following address in it:

Way to check your progress and the leaderboard: Link

With this you are able to see the progress of your account (groups you are in) and the leaderboard. If you change one bit in the line:

ARG is going to continue soon?
Another thing: after checking the live26_config.xml there was this line:

<property id="inca2" value="call.php" />

that was how I came to a page (http://www.dharmawantsyou.com/site/call.php) which has the usual background, but nothing is loading. The sourcecode of that page looks a little bit different than the normal DWY. And there is one interesting line:

<!-- Generated 2008-10-17 03:03:36 +1000 -->

Check that date!
Also it seems there is another folder for the website files called DWY_DEV instead of DWY.
Find 2 screenshots below.

===>>> So that could mean, there will be an update tomorrow!!!

ARG is going to continue soon - another clue:
More clues for that theory:
If you compare the old startup.srt file (dont ask me what that does!) "live25_startup.srt" with the new one "live26_startup.srt"


There is one difference - there is a line stating "results" and again the new folder DWY_DEV!!

locations_to_swfs_map["results"] = "http://wdig.vo.llnwd.net/d1/mktg/DWY_DEV/~47~"

===>>> So that means, they have already prepared our results!!!

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