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DarkUFO chatroom and forum admin bigsimpsin just tipped us on something really cool. He spotted Ajira Airways in the new Fray video for Lost and suspected it was part of the ARG. Looking at the website, it would definitely seem that there is a connection to Lost. The first official poster for Season 5 proclaims "Destiny Calls," as does the airline. The airline also states that it will have "destinations launching" January 21st, 2009... the same day that Lost returns in The United States, and exactly two months from today.

You can sign up for a mailing list on the site, which states:

The skies have no limit with our new destinations launching January 21st, 2009. Take an adventure anywhere around the globe and reimagine your world as big as ours. Check back often to discover new ways to get lost in the world.
No Borders, Now Boarding - Ajira Airways.

Thanks for the catch bigsimpsin!

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