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Update: 21:05 And another update.

While I can't confirm that Dan Bronson is his real name, Dan Bronson is indeed one man and one man alone.

His first attempt at exposing what Global Octagon Recruiting was doing at Comic Con did not go as planned.

That's where I came in.

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Update: 20:50 GMT Thanks to Keegan for this update.

I can understand why my last comment may have confused a lot of you. The way my life works is probably not common to most of you.

To clarify, I have met Dan Bronson for the first time twice.

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Thanks XaRen for the heads up that DuaneIsInsane has posted again.

Sorry I haven't been able to reply. I've been busy going to places that Dan Bronson may have been before me.

The little information that I give in each post is very hard for me and I wish I could tell you more about what I know.

I knew about Dan Bronson two days before he made himself visible to the world because of a Halloween party I had met him at.

He wore a BumbleBee costume.
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Now, I'm not sure I quite understand since Dan made himself visible to the world last week. And Halloween wasn't last week. Is there a clue here? Some people on the SpoilerTV forums have noted that "BumbleBee" could be in reference to the transformer. Discuss!

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