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Ryan and Jen from The Transmission both took the test. Here is what they have to say about it.

We hit the booths we had to hit to pick up stuff for friends back home, then headed back to the DHARMA booth. There was a second set of appointments to give out at 1 p.m.

There was a mob waiting. They weren’t allowed to have a line, so, a mob. The crew seemed nervous.

By magic (not really), we got the second and third slots. We saw Jay Glatfelter fight his way through, nabbing the 5 pm slot. In a flash, they were booked up.

Jen took the Ganymeade (?) test, I took Amalthea.

What was your first live concert? What is the sound of terror? What was the first album you bought? Who is your constant? What is the sound of red? When were you last truly happy?

Word association for photos: a tree-lined road at night. Skeletons. A child in a sprinkler. Little red riding hood in bed with the wolf.

We both passed and got our super secret access cards. the cards are for Phase II of the ARG, though apparently our tests (which were videotaped) could turn up at the Saturday panel (and be published or “otherwise exploited” by ABC.

Source: Comic-Con Blog

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