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It's now been almost exactly a week since DharmaWantsYou.com was officially launched, with no updates since then. This has caused some frustration among some commenters, however it seems to be in line with what we saw during Find815. Typically major updates would happen on a Monday evening (for those in the U.S.) so does that mean we can assume there will be an update tonight? If there is an update tonight what do you think we'll see?

Feel free to use the comments to take some guesses at what we'll see (leader boards perhaps?) and use the submission form to send in anything of interest you may find if there's an update later. Of course, there is a possibility I'm totally off here and we get nothing.

UPDATE 4:14 GMT: We are now officially over the one week mark of when I posted about the original site launch, with no apparent changes. So what's going on here? Why is this game/ARG taking so long to get moving?

It seems the biggest challenge for us to uncover, at this point, is the mystery behind the lack of mysteries and clues to uncover.

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