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Update: 16:00 Thanks to Joern for making this video for those who cannot access the site.

Update: 13:20 GMT Thanks to Matthew aka tonicblue for the following.

Just looked through the source for this and there is one anagram amongst completely randomly generated letters. Nothing interesting sadly. It says
"I am on the inside" Here is the code

Thanks to Danilo and Adam for the following.

Hi Dark, hi guys,
this is Danilo (rutgermunz) from Italy, I wrote to you and in your blog during find815 arg, and I'm playing the new Org game as a lot of you.
Today I've made a new discover, relating some weird "words" appearing in the "Volunteer assessment commencing soon" section of the "Dharmawantsyou" main page: it appears that randomly are shown strange animated writings (lasting about ten seconds), and I'm sending you some screenshots I've taken, hoping to be usefull.

(Click to Enlarge)

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