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*UPDATED* Thanks to everyone for all of the emails of the various screencaps. It seems like Google had a glitch and I just recd. 20 email alerts with these screencaps. Also added below is a screencap of the Letter B from The_Other_Other.

Thanks to Lost4evr for the order of the flashes:

Black Swan
4 0
6 0
The letter B
The letter P
The letter M

**UPDATED** Thanks to SamG for the heads up about the letter "M" and number 40 also appearing. Screencaps added below.

**UPDATED** Thanks to Kristine also for the screencap with two Black Swans together.

Here are screencaps of the Black Swan Logo embedded in the new video. There is also the letter "P" and Number 60.

What could all these letters and numbers mean?? A code? Do we convert the letters to numbers as well...??

At the :42 sec mark: Black Swan Logos

Black Swan again and Letter "P" in two places

At about the 1 min mark: Number 60

Letter M and Number 40:

Letter B:

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