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Update: 11PM PSTThanks to The Other Other for the Morse Code Translation. I know this has been out for a day or so, but I don't think we have it posted here, but here you go:


Update: 15:30 GMT Thanks to Zort70 from Lost Args for a clearer recording.

Update: 11:50 GMT Thanks to Stefan for sending this recording through.

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Update: Here is a transcript of the message thanks to Callum and theotherbilly.

You have reached the voicemail of Hans Van Eeghen the Dharma Initiatives head of recruiting.
Unfortunately I am unable to take your call right now, but I do hope you leave a message so that I may address your inquiry at a later time.
Thank you and Namaste. *BEEP

**UPDATED** Thanks to everyone that has pointed out that the hidden numbers are a phone here in Los Angeles. I called and left a mssg for Hans. :)

Hey All,
The new Dharma email was just sent out and it is to announce the Recruitment End Date and time of 12PM PDT on Oct. 7th, 2008.

Apparently at that time all tests will stop and Dharma will collect the information to determine our positions with in the company.

There is a hidden message from the Black Swan in the code this time and it says:

-- 13237438573 - say Hi from BS --

Turns out the numbers are the phone number (1-323-743-8573) and voice mail of Hans!! I left a message saying: "Hi from BS"


Thanks to qu4d for the heads up.


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