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Update: 22:20 GMT Thanks to random_lostie_01 from our forums for finding a very good explanation and new cheat. You can view it here.

Update: 14:45 GMT Thanks to Cypher80b it looks like there is an infinite number of questions, so compiling some of them does not make a whole lot of sense. Cypher80b as found the code that generates the questions.

Update: Thanks to Marqkk, one of our mods in the Forums for getting a whole bunch of questions and answers added. Top work.

As you may remember we did a compilation of all the questions in the previous test. If some of you would like to help out by repeating this for Test 5 to see how many questions there are and where possible determine the correct answers.

If you would like to help out and become an Editor/Collaborator on building up this let me know via email or by leaving your email in the comments and I'll send you an Invite.

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Note: You can help out also by leaving any questions that you find that have not been posted above along with the answer in the comments below.

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