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Dear whoever,

With word that the leader boards have been updated I continue to wonder where this is all going. The Lost Experience and Find 815 had clear stories and narratives that played out... so far we have yet to see much of that (other than a run in with Dan Bronson @ Comic-Con) come to fruition in this "experience."

I mean, honestly, I don't give a crap about "leader boards" or "my progress" ... what does any of that have to do with Lost? How in the world will "Dharma Points" improve my understanding of the Dharma Initiative as it relates to the TV show???

What the ARG has failed to do, at this point, is actually make us feel like we are involved in something that has to do with Lost.

If we are going to be subjected to the long and discouraging waiting periods that hold no hope of a story or plot there is a risk here of boring the crap out of all involved, no?

I think what this whole situation needs is a clear narrative. A Rachel Blake or Sam Thomas. Dan Bronson/Ruckus Guy was fun for a bit but I'm over him. Next, please. Let's really get it moving now. And I really hope they do. And support them 100%.

Make this ARG pwn plz, we all want it to.

<3 congested

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